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        No matter where you go in this business, our insight travels with you.

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        For people in the business of travel, this is the place to?be.

        Is travel your business? Then you belong at NTA. Membership with the National Tour Association opens doors that will create business connections with bottom-line results for years to come. NTA’s vast professional network, member service discounts, educational programs and tourism industry leadership opportunities all are at your fingertips.

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        A travel publication that’s as diverse as our membership.

        No matter what you’re looking for, you'll find it in Courier — and in our other publications. On top of our award-winning magazine, NTA publishes a range of travel industry destination reviews, data, statistics and fact sheets. Sharing travel industry knowledge and insights with members is our passion.

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        The go-to place for travel professionals.

        Travel is a face-to-face industry, and nothing grows business quite like personal contact. NTA organizes appointment-based, educational and social gatherings throughout the year, helping our members build real, long-lasting relationships. Learn more about how our folks benefit by making connections, from local networking programs to Travel Exchange and Contact, our annual flagship events held throughout North America.

        NTA EventsSpecialty Markets

        Faith Travel Association

        Faith-based travel isn’t just about pilgrimages anymore. It’s a market that encompasses an ever-growing range of travel options, destinations, groups or individuals, and multiple faiths. NTA’s Faith Travel Association gives members the tools they need to give their customers the most-rewarding travel experiences.

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        China Inbound Program

        Wherever you are and whatever you do in the travel industry, attracting visitors from China is a growth market — but at times, also a complicated one. With NTA membership, your business can benefit from our ground-breaking partnership with the China National Tourism Administration.

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        Hispanic Travel Market

        NTA gives its members insight into where the fastest growing markets are, where trends and demographic analysis lead to opportunity. In the U.S., our Hispanic population is our fastest growing population and represents an incredible travel moment.

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        Upgrade from a Facebook post to a first class network of travel professionals.

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        Networking Means Knowing the Right People. Us,?for Example.

        We’re always here to help with any questions about NTA membership or travel in North America. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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        The Advertising and Sponsorship Destination for the Destination Industry.

        There’s no better way to engage with the largest business-building association for travel professionals within North America. Contact us and find out about the many ways to participate.

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